Fancy Bertha-collared Bib for Baby Stingray ...knit wire sculptural wall hanging


Title: Fancy Bertha-collared Bib for Baby Stingray

An Open Vessel of Love; Infused with Sun, Sea & Sky
Hand knit copper wire and silver plated copper wire with Labradorite stone chips, Native glass Crow/Pony beads, multi-colored nylon yarn; sculptural wall hanging

the copper oxidizes over time... the color will darken and yet,...
the light shines through

Extra Fine Vibrations for:
Inside: wall art
Dimensions: 27 x 15.5 x 5 inches

the Vessel can be hung from a nail or hook on a wall...
...finding the right balance...
Bringing Joy to the Heart

Made In Love by :Doreen Connors

One Of A Kind...Of A Kind One


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